J Pallet KINKA Gold Charme All In One Gel 100g

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Contains of basic skin care steps, with containing gold leaves. Upon both morning night cares, you can only apply this gel after cleansing. The moisturizies your firmly keep the moisture well like a face cream. scent of sweet fresh peach. How to use: Take it in hand washing gently it to entire face. It also be used for whole body such as neck, elbows, knees, heels hands.


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HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise 42U 600mmx1200mm G2 Kitted Advanced P9K09A

HPE (P9K09A) Hewlett Packard Enterprise 42U 600mmx1200mm G2 Kitted Advanced Pallet Rack with Side Panels and Baying autonome Noir...


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J Pallet THERA Enzime Face Wash Powder 50g 3 Types

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. THERA's most popular face washing powder series, containing Green Papaya enzime. The also can remove makeup or extra sebum while cleansing your clearly. White Recommended for those who has oily skin or cares acne. Blue Angelica acutiloba Kitagawa Rice Bran. version is recommended dry skin. Red Rose Cassis. is need anti aging care.


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J Pallet MACCHIA LABEL Clear Esthe Line Face Powder 10g

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. The powder finishes your make up by enhancing luster smooth texture of beauty serum foundation, CLEAR ESTHE VEIL. Containing the light of Airy Powder, as if skin is breathing. Ultra fine clear makes a ultra veil on face, without becoming white tinged. glossy textured transparency lasts long.


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J Pallet BVC Moisture Massage Pack 75g

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Special care for removing pore dirt old keratin that cannot be easily removed with normal skin care. It removes unnecessary keratin, leads to a smooth translucent skin. This massage pack is easy to use plenty of moisturizing ingredients. Luxuriously blends plant derived to improve condition bring out the natural beauty of Skin plantsChrismum maritimum extract (wrinkle improvement), hydrolyzed soybean (antioxidant action,


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J Pallet KINKA Gold Nano Lotion N 180ml

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. A luxurious jelly like texture, including shiny gold leaf. Contained Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Hyaluronic Acid penetrate deep into the stratum corneum moisturize firmly. The lotion leads to smooth textured skin. How to use: After washing your face, push 3 4 to a clean palm. Gently apply to entire layer with fingertips on areas that tend to dry, such as eyes mouth. Wrap in of hand gently press it down. using lotion, milky


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J Pallet Crème mains et corps éclaircissante manis FPS 31 PA 80 g –

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Cette crème solaire aqueuse pour les mains et le corps présente une texture de type gel.Ce s'étale sans effort recouvrir votre peau tout en douceur.Ce contient des ingrédients d'origine végétale, notamment du squalane, de l'hyaluronate de sodium, du collagène hydrolysé, de l'arbutine, de l'acide glycyrrhizique 2K et de l'extrait d'edelweiss, maintenir hydratée.Se retire à l'aide d'un savon normal. Inutile d'utiliser


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J Pallet manis Beleza Brazileila Black Sugar Hair Removal Wax 135g

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Beleza Brazileila Black Suger Hair Removal Wax manis. No need to warm the wax before applying. Smooth finish like an esthetic salon. Containing Hyaluronic acid, Soybean seed extract, Licorice leaf to make your skin hydrated smooth textured. Nature derived ingredients such as Starch syrup, Honey Brown sugar are well blended, mainly. The can be washed away with water, also left on after use be easily off lukewarm water.


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J Pallet THERA Japanese Beauty Lipstick SPF 22 PA 2g 3 Types

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Gentle ingredients gentle lipstick with the theme of being usable every day. Lipstick, balm, teak, essence, sunscreen. Vermilion is a color that is familiar to skin like a flower of Yamatsuji. Elegant beige pink such as this is pink. Orange is a natural without too flashy.


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UNICAT Meilin Perfect Aqua Solid Foundation SPF 50 PA 9g

Brand from Taiwan: UNICAT. The unique baby pink peach around the surface blend together perfectly for a delicious fiush With long lasting light filled powders. Two layer box makes it easy up. How to use: Gently move brush in small circles ensure that pick up on pallet. apply on your cheeks. Tap on several times until desire color. When are done, rub palm place them on This will allow to better adhere on face.


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