A.S. Création Papier peint panoramique Pallets DD108680 AP Digital 4

Papier peint panoramique Pallets DD108680 A.S. Création AP Digital 4 Vous souhaitez redonner vie à vos murs de façon originale et impressionnante ? Découvrez vite notre assortiment de papier panoramique ! Cette sorte de géant, disponible en diverses dimensions (pouvant aller jusqu'à 8 mètres de largeur !), offre une alternative de décoration murale mémorable et particulièrement épatante : en effet, vous pouvez profiter de décors grandeur


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PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Minerals 6 Piece Pallet For Day


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J Pallet KINKA Gold 3D Moist Mask Matcha 32ml x 3 pcs

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. KINKA GOLD 3D Moist Mask Matcha, with Gold Leaf. Thick 3D shaped sheet adheres perfectly to the uneven surface of fits tightly to nose under chin. The mask is formulated Polysaccharide of Water Lily, which is said to retain moisture five times better than hyaluronic acid. A luxurious blend of pure Japanese extracts such as wasanbon sake kasu (sake lees) leads to moist, clear, smooth skin each use. How to use: Take out


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J Pallet MACCHIA LABEL Clear Esthe Lotion 120ml

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Overwhelming moisturizing power. Luxuriously containing 27 kinds of beauty ingredients. The lotion moisturizes your skin well, without stickines, conditions to smooth textured so that makeup stays on well. Clear Esthe line focusing on oxygen deficiency. Moisturizes fills every corner of skin, leaving it a glossy transparent skin. Contains improve respiration of cells. Strengthened barrier function to counter stress during


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J Pallet manis Shinsui Uruhada Yuzu Lotion 500ml

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Shinsui Uruhada Yuzu Lotion is a whole body lotion containing Kochi extract ( moisturizing ingredient ). Hyaluronic acid vitamin c are well blended to hydrate your skin firmly. Contains Vitamin C (ascorbic ingredient). With a large capacity of 500 mL, it can be fully used on the face body. A delicate friendly with no coloring, no fragrance, no mineral oil. How to use: Hold base of white pump, rotate nozzle on head to left


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J Pallet THERA Enzime Face Wash Powder 50g 3 Types

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. THERA's most popular face washing powder series, containing Green Papaya enzime. The also can remove makeup or extra sebum while cleansing your clearly. White Recommended for those who has oily skin or cares acne. Blue Angelica acutiloba Kitagawa Rice Bran. version is recommended dry skin. Red Rose Cassis. is need anti aging care.


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J Pallet KINKA Gold Charme All In One Gel 100g

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Contains of basic skin care steps, with containing gold leaves. Upon both morning night cares, you can only apply this gel after cleansing. The moisturizies your firmly keep the moisture well like a face cream. scent of sweet fresh peach. How to use: Take it in hand washing gently it to entire face. It also be used for whole body such as neck, elbows, knees, heels hands.


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J Pallet Shampoing pour le corps éclaircissant manis

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Ce shampoing pour le corps éclaircissant est un le exfoliant à la mousse dense.Son AHA, son acide citrique et lactique sont harmonieusement mélangés traiter votre peau.Contient 9 types d'ingrédients hydratants, notamment du collagène, de l'acide hyaluronique et de l'arbutine lisser le grain de peau.Sa et volumineuse enveloppe tout le nettoyer complètement mais en douceur.


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J Pallet MACCHIA LABEL Smooth Cover Base SPF 50 PA 20g

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Containing 64 kinds of beauty extracts. The Cover Base firmly covers uneven color surface of your skin, conditions to smooth textured one, while protecting against UV rays Near infrared rays.


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J Pallet BVC Moisture Oil 30ml

Brand from Japan: J Pallet. Oil with a smooth soft texture penetrates the skin quickly moisturizes inside. The is easy to use, even for those who are not good at sticking oil. Luxuriously blends plant derived care ingredients to improve condition bring out natural beauty of skin. Skin plantsChrismum maritimum extract (wrinkle improvement), hydrolyzed soybean (antioxidant action, moisturizing), Yoshino cherry leaf (rough skin), Edelweiss callus culture


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